Medical University of Graz, Secretary of the Examination:


ICDP - UEMS International Board Certification in Dermatopathology


Program Director

The Program Director is a pathologist or dermatologist with special training in dermatopathology and, together with the faculty, is responsible for the operation of the program. The Program Director must have at least 5 years of experience in dermatopathology (following residency in dermatology or pathology). She/he must be certified in dermatopathology by the ICDP (or the Royal College of Pathologists / United Kingdom or the American Board of Dermatopathology).


Training in dermatopathology must be linked with a university clinic, hospital or a comprehensive dermatopathology centre.
The number of dermatopathology specimens from within the institution and/or from outside must be at least 3000 per annum. In addition, study sets and other material (appropriate books, journals, and access to a library) to support service, teaching, and educational responsibilities should be provided.
A multi-head microscope should be available.

Program - Curriculum

The program must provide organized education in all aspects of dermatopathology including didactic instruction and practical experience in the diagnosis of skin disorders including the following skills:

  • Routine histology (all fields of dermatopathology)
  • Special stains
  • Frozen sections and interpretation of micrographic sections
  • Immunofluorescence, histochemical, immunological, molecular, microbiological, and other related techniques
  • Access to electron microscopy (facultative)
  • Lectures, tutorials, and clinico-pathological conferences must be regularly scheduled and held
  • An opportunity for fellows to participate in dermatopathology research is desirable
  • Laboratory management; quality assurance.
  • It is expected that the Program Director provides a short yearly report of activities related to the Dermatopathology Examination, including names and length of stay of trainees.

Secretary of the Examination

Lorenzo Cerroni, MD
Department of Dermatology
Medical University of Graz
Auenbruggerplatz 8
A-8036 Graz, AUSTRIA


Application Contact

Prof. Dieter Metze, MD
University Hospital
Department of Dermatology
Von-Esmarch-Strasse 58
D‐48149 Münster, GERMANY
Fax +49 251 835 8973